A Founder’s Letter to the Perfect Client.

Firstly,  I am so proud of you, both.

I know the very emotional process you two traveled through to be here.

I imagine all the exciting moments of being newly engaged, sharing positive vibrations and news with your closest loved ones, and inhaling the realization this is the start of your whole lives together – a perfect reality.

Soon after, as partners, you’ve discovered the intimidating world of wedding planning.

The yearn for professional guidance, reassurance, and expectation began to inch its way into your minds. I recognize the time you spent researching, inquiring, interviewing, decision-making, and the reality of knowing throughout it all, you chose me, brings light to my future. 

I was a 19-year old kid when I started my first company, Rock N’ Events.

Did you know, I had absolutely no experience, nor have I been an attendee to a wedding before starting my career as a wedding planner?

I was just a kid with a passion larger than myself, and a belief in the conviction that I’d be leading the industry with timeless celebrations. 

Building my first startup was a challenging experience – personally and professionally. With no credibility, it was nearly impossible to find people to trust my potential.

So, in the summer of 2013, I decided to throw a party that aimed to launch my company. In a single year, I had the gift of representing twelve remarkable couples that trusted me to express my passions through their most special day. 

It’s been 4 years since the launch of Rock N’ Events, and we’ve expanded to both, northern & southern California, my producers and I have been voted to be one of the best event producers in the Wedding & Special Events industry, and I’ve launched my new brand, Jenny Chang, where I have the true gift of representing you. 

Through every milestone I’ve reached in my career, I never lost touch with the kid inside me that had always dreamt of members like yourselves. You see, you two are the window to my success – I believe I am only as great as my clients allow me to be. With your commitment, trust, and a perfect dose of love – I’m capable of anything. The gift of representing your love fuels my pride, your trust allows me to freely express my creativity, and your ‘Love’ brings me hope and joy every waking day. 

Thank you.

There will be moments in our journey where you will need me — really, need me, and I vow to always be there when you do. In times ‘life’ challenges us, I vow to always have a plan. Finally, as we wake on your perfect day, I vow to celebrate our every new beginning. 

Thank you for choosing me to guide you on this perfect journey.

Jenny Chang

Photo Credit: The Big Affair