5 Perfect Thoughts You Should Muse While You’re F*cking, Yourself.

When was the last time you played with yourself?

Tell me.

Was it in the early morning, silently, as he showered for work?

Or was it last night, as you stood over, watching her looking up at you while you filled her pretty mouth with your every potential?

Are you wanting to, now? 

I, do.

I’m scribing this piece to share my most vulnerable blog with the world; lying in bed, feeling the heat of my laptop warming my thighs as I slowly observe my toes curl from my every play of word.

I’m feeling every subtle vibration from the music that resounds on top of me.

Slowly resisting the pressing of my fingers on my keyboard, and instead, craving to slip them under my lace and begin rubbing them against the very spots that inspire me to write to you.

Do I have your attention?

Because you’ve instantly become, mine.

See, the very idea of you locking your eyes to my words is triggering the reasons for me to spread my intentions wide for the world to, fuck. Your curiosity challenges me to initiate, and carefully guide you into 5 private thoughts I believe you should muse while you’re fucking, yourself. 

Finally, your perfect innocence motivates me to change your perception of ‘pleasure,’ forever.

Remember, I’m only here because you want me to be, and I’m not going anywhere until the greed of my desires and motives are met.

Let’s begin.

1. Think about the last time it really fucking mattered. 

When was the last time you came to someone you imagined it ‘all’ with?

Did he matter enough to relive the experience, again? Where was it? In the passenger seat of your car, parked on his driveway with nothing but his porch light to shadow the compound of your bodies pressed tightly against one another?

Was she the, first, you ever loved? The one with the face of chastity, and rage of chaotic passion? When did it happen – in the closet of a gala, just minutes before your big award speech?

Was it, all, worth it?

If so, take yourself back there, and recall the power you created that day. In your mind, relive the experiences that forced the vibration of this world, and remember how it all fucking mattered.

Every fucking part of it.

Think back to the wet kisses that triggered the moments, and the way it mattered as he pulsed inside of you. Visualize that ‘look’ in her eyes as she uncontrollably clawed your back, and finally, listen, again, to the scream of her moans evoked by your best performance, yet. 

2. Think about the time he/she made you feel, you deserved it all.

This world is full of people that can ‘fuck’ you in all the exceptional ways you desire.

Though, I bet you can fuck yourself, even better, if only you knew, what thoughts to think about. 

It’s not difficult to find someone to stroke a cock in-and-out of you, nor is it a hunt to find one to spread her legs in return of your undivided attention.

However, there are only a few noteworthy souls in this life that are designed to please you the way you truly, deserve. And the scary reality is: you’re either going to commit your life to ‘one,’ or you’re going to let them get away.

Personally, I’ve only met one man that selflessly and unconditionally aimed to give me all that I, deserved. He was ‘one’ with my pleasures, happiness, and outcomes.

In every moment we compounded our intimate energies, my honest moans grew into his fatal roars, and my defiant climaxes became his greatest heights of fulfillment. As I picture his eagerness to perform on me all that he was capable of; he instantly became the trigger to my self-pleasurable ticks.

Seeing all that he would unconditionally deliver obliged me to see myself in the same ‘light,’ as he did — the equal conviction.

He inspired me to fuck myself in the dim nights and vibrant mornings, the same way he always did — with curiosity, passion, determination, persistence, and confidence.

I met ‘me,’ through his eyes, and since, I could never stop resisting myself.

I need you to find the last motivation that taught you about your true deservings: adventures, unconditional pleasures, and love — all of it. Think about the one that birthed your confidence, and gave you the access to see yourself in the ways they always wanted you to.

3. Think all about the sensations. 

I’m sitting here, watching my candle flickering in front of the screen that reflects the words I scribe, and at this exact moment, I can feel his heavy breaths stroke my neck, wet kisses smeared across my tight body, and the strength of him thrusting me from behind. I can hear the loud slapping sound of his hand meeting my perfect cheeks and feel my body surrendering to the deep moans that reassure me: I am exactly where I need to be.

I can feel the blow of the crisp air after he sucks on the tip of my core, and the force of his perfect hands pulling down my lace… and tearing off my leather.

I’ll recreate the sensations; the trembling of my legs, gripping of my hands on the back of his wild hair, and the taste of his salted sweat on the rim of my lips. I can feel the impact as I would look up into the eyes that illuminated through every push, and pull.

And if I really let myself, I can bring everything back to life: the physical sensations I’m pressed to feel, and the sentiments that started it all.

Suddenly, he’ll impose my thoughts as if he never left.

It’s the most supreme and chaotic motivation I have when I’m finding that ‘place’ to go to start off my self-treating journey. When you’re ready, think about all the potentials of the sensations, and let your intimate imaginations be the guide to creating, more, thereafter.

4. Think about the ‘sequel.’ 

One of the great reasons I’m so successful in achieving my life’s purposes, whether that be building a business, reputed as the best of my industry, leading a fierce team, or cumming like the world’s watching — it’s simply because I’m the master of visualizing.

As I look back to the last, most pleasurable moments of my life, I don’t view it as the ‘end’ to an experience, and instead, I believe it to be my beginning.

The last time it ‘mattered,’ is only the start to the places I want to go. It’s the first great chapter, but there’s so much more.

He’s given me an unforgettable preview, and surely broke the boundaries of my once-upon-a-limitations, but, that’s all. The self-devotion to successfully fucking myself comes from visualizing all that’s meant to happen, next.

And once I discover the new cravings of experience, I’ll take myself, there — to that place of limitless possibilities.

The place where fantasies are meant to cross the bridge into, reality.

5. Think about bringing it all, to life. 

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but weren’t quite sure how to draw it to life?

I’m sorry.

I can’t relate. Never, once, have I not known how to bring a true desire, to life. Part of my addiction is to breathe ‘life’ into my concepts, hopelessly falling in love with them, and tangibly bring the details of my visions to attainment.

The last perfect thought is one I want you to manifest.

Go ahead, try it: breath life into your most desirable imaginations.

Chase the thoughts I’m sharing with you, and let it all, unfold. Stimulate the wetness of your creativity and stroke the tip of your courage. Slowly moan to the intensity of your purpose, and yearn to find that reason in, you.

Continue till you reach the peak of your self-conviction, and right when you’re almost there…


Breath in, then silently let go.

Come back to me, and this time — push yourself.

Don’t stop until you find the relationship you’ve always wanted with yourself. The relationship that accepts your inner and outer Spartan; one that makes you feel superior, one that you knew you always deserved — the one you’ve prepared your whole life to keep.

You’re almost there.

Lastly, let go of all the loud expectations and explode to the Love of your new higher-self.

My name is Jenny Chang, and you’re welcome.